Universal Display strengthens their IP licensing team with appointment of Mauro Premutico as Legal and General Manager, Patents and Licensing
25 June 2012

Universal Display Corporation has recently announced that Mr. Mauro Premutico, previously Managing Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel at The Walt Disney Company, has joined the company as Vice President, Legal and General Manager, Patents and Licensing. Premutico brings decades of experience in patent protection, intellectual property law, and licensing to Universal Display.

Steven V. Abramson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Display, “We are delighted to have Mauro join our management team as we continue to build our company as the leading OLED technology developer and material supplier to the display and lighting industries.” Steven added, “Mauro will lead our strategic initiatives to manage, defend, and further enhance our intellectual property. With his years of international experience in patent enforcement and defense as well as license negotiations, Mauro will play a key role as we move into the next phase of growth for our customers and shareholders.”

While at The Walt Disney Company as Managing Vice President and Chief Patent Counsel, Premutico managed the patent legal and corporate technology licensing teams for all Disney companies, served as lead negotiator on all significant patent and technology licensing matters, and developed teams that monetised Disney’s patent assets.

Premutico’s experience and expertise will help him succeed in managing Universal Display’s patent portfolio, which is one of the largest in the OLED field and includes licensing rights to over 1,400 issued and pending patents worldwide in a broad array of OLED technologies, materials, and processes. Universal Display has entered into more than 30 business agreements with leading manufacturers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe, and the U.S.


AUO to ship AM-OLED panels to Sony and HTC in June
28 May 2012

According to news from Digitimes AUO is expected to begin shipping 4.3-inch AM-OLED displays to both HTC and Sony. AUO declined to confirm or deny the report, but instead state they company was ready to for volume production of AM-OLED panels.

Samsung is, according to the report, the main supplier of AM-OLED panels to both HTC and Sony, and has higher yield rates that AUO, which are reported to be as low as 20%.

The Gen 3.5 AUO AM-OLED line is currently operating at 7,000-8,000 substrates per month, and could increase to 15,000 substrates per month.

www.digitimes.com www.auo.com

BOE is reported to be constructing a Gen 5.5 AM-OLED facility in China
28 May 2012

China’s biggest panel maker planning to construct a Gen 5.5 AM-OLED production facility in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Initially the production facility will produce LTPS LCD displays and then AM-OLED around 2014. It will have a monthly capacity of 54,000 substrates.

Currently, BOE also has the following facilities:

  • Gen 4.5 TFT-LCD line in Chengdu with a monthly capacity of 45k sheets
  • Gen 5 TFT-LCD line in Beijing with a monthly capacity of 100k sheets
  • Gen 6 TFT-LCD line in Hefei with a monthly capacity of 90k sheets
  • Gen 8.5 TFT-LCD line in Beijing with a monthly capacity of 90k sheets


Global OLED Technology revamps management team
28 May 2012

Global OLED Technology LLC (GOT) has announced the hiring of a new management team to lead its efforts to fully “monetize” its OLED patent portfolio. The new additions are:

  • Daniel S. Carlineo, Esq. (President and Chief Executive Officer)
  • Nelson M. Kee, Esq. (VP and General Counsel)
  • Benjamin E. Fuller, Esq. (IP Counsel and Deputy General Counsel)
  • Juan Gisone (Director of IP Monetization)
  • Michael A. Plotnick (Senior Patent Analyst)
  • Rajeev Rohatgi, PhD. (Senior Patent Analyst)
Japanese court invalidates a number of claims on two Universal Display Japanese patents
28 May 2012

According to a filing with the SEC Universal Display has received notification that the Japanese High Court has invalidated a number of claims of inventions in two patents –

LG Display makes management changes and products cuts
07 May 2012

This means that the company will close it mobile organic light-emitting diode (OLED) division, established in June 2008, and at the same time move LCDs for mobiles and OLEDs into two existing business units.

The company's LCD business has been given to the IT Division which is also in charge of panels for monitors on laptop and tablets. While the rest of the OLED business has been given to newly promoted CTO Yeo Sang-duk, who formerly headed the mobile OLED.

LG said many of the moves it is making is to "boost tension across the firm", which it hopes will add "competitiveness" amongst its key workers.

www.lg.com www.lgdisplay.com

LG Electronics expected to announce AM-OLED TV later this year
07 May 2012

LG Electronics plans to sell 55-inch AM-OLED TVs later this year while no official prices has been announced there are plenty of rumours that is will be about US$ 9,500 similarly priced to the company’s rival Samsung’s 55-inch AM-OLED TV. An AM-OLED TV can be thinner than an iPad.

According to Paul Semenza, senior vice president of analyst services NPD DisplaySearch shipments of AM-OLED TVs may hit 50,000 unit by the end of 2012, and perhaps grow to 5 million units by 2015.

Chief Financial Officer James Jeong is reported to have stated recently that LG Display has a capacity to produce 48,000 OLED TV panels a month.

www.lg.com www.lgdisplay.com

LG to spend US$ 17.6 million on retooling pilot line to manufacture flexible AM-OLED displays
07 May 2012

According to reports from OLEDnet LG is believed to be spending as much as US$ 17.6 million on encapsulation equipment from Jusung Engineering and Avaco for the company’s Gen 3.5 (730mm x 460mm) flexible AM-OLED pilot line at LG’s Paju production facility. LG is reported to have spent about US$ 176 million to complete line when it is finished.

Earlier reports suggest that LG will start construction by 3Q 2012, and the new line should be commissioned by end of 2012. An LGD official said that it will take a further one to two year to complete the development and verification the process and to produce early prototypes.

Source said that LG Display the architecture for the flexible OLED uses a polyimide coated substrate and RGB sub-pixels – this is a different architecture that LG has adopted for their OLED TV which to is to use all white pixels and a colour filter.

www.lgdisplay.com www.lg.com www.olednet.com

Samsung to launch 55-inch AM-OLED TV during second half of 2012
07 May 2012

At press conference held in Korea Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest electronic product a 55-inch ‘premium’ AM-OLED TV. The AM-OLED TV will be available during the second half of 2012 and be prices at about 10.8 million Kwon (about $9,500).

Samsung launches 55-inch AM-OLED TV

The new 55-inch OLED TV provides crystal-clear picture quality in vibrant full colour, and wide viewing angle. The AM-OLED TV will introduce the “smart dual view” function which enables the viewers to watch two channels simultaneously by wearing 3-D glasses.

LG Display shares fall more than 6% on reports of prosecutors’ raid
30 April 2012

According to the report South Korean prosecutors checked LG Display’s Seoul headquarters on April 26 to probe whether the company illegally obtained organic light-emitting-diode technologies from Samsung Mobile Display. Claire Ohm, an LG Display spokeswoman, declined to comment, and a spokesman at the prosecutors’ office wasn’t immediately available to comment.

Other reports suggest that police are questioning current and former employees of both companies over allegations that Samsung Mobile workers leaked OLED technologies to LG Display.

Both LG Display and Samsung are fiercely competing for leadership in OLED panels for televisions.

LG Electronics, the parent of LG Display, and Samsung Electronics both plan to start selling OLED TVs this year, these ultra-thin produce sharper images than liquid-crystal-display sets.

MicroOLED presents 5.4M dot bi-colour and tri-colour OLED microdisplays
23 April 2012

MicroOLED, a maker of highly power-efficient superior image quality microdisplays for near-to-eye applications, announces that the company will demonstrate, at SPIE DSS in Baltimore, two prototype 5.4M pixel 0.61-inch diagonal OLED microdisplays in bi-colour and tri-colour.

The microdisplays are designed to enhance image resolution and lower the power consumption of digital image fusion used in defence, security and medical applications.

Digital image fusion, a process of combining video streams from multiple sensors into a single composite image, has important applications in thermal weapon sights, aviator night vision imaging systems and other emerging night sight and situational awareness equipment.

Also, surgeons use image fusion systems to integrate and analyse preoperative images to plan and perform brain, spinal and other complex surgeries.

The bi-colour OLED microdisplays can merge a 4.0M pixel image from a night vision sensor with a 1.3M pixel image from a thermal sensor, and its 0.61 inch diagonal is directly compatible with existing systems.

The tri-colour version can merge up to three high resolution images or two images and a graphical overlay, with the following resolutions: a 2.6M pixel black and white image with a 1.3M pixel red image and a 1.3M pixel cyan image. They will provide system integrators and end-users all of the strengths of optical and digital image fusion systems with none of the trade-offs.

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