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AGC introduces carrier glass technology to enable lamination of the company’s 0.1mm ultra-thin glass

Customers now can utilise ultra-thin glass using existing sheet production facilities a major step in the commercialisation of ultra-thin glass for next-generation displays

25 Jun 2012 | editor

Asahi Glass Company (AGC) recently announced the company has developed a carrier glass technology to laminate its 0.1 mm-thick ultra-thin glass on carrier glass for easier handling and transportation during product manufacturing processes.

Customers now can utilise ultra-thin glass without altering their existing production facilities, a major stride toward the commercialisation of ultra-thin glass for next-generation displays and various other applications.

Ultra-thin glass, which AGC developed last year, offers excellent transparency, heat resistance and electrical insulation, as well as extra thinness and flexibility, making it ideal for next-generation displays, touch-screens and lighting equipment.

Ultra-thin laminated glass substrate

The roll-to-roll production method, which is currently under development, enables rolls of ultra-thin glass to be used conveniently in continuous strips during production. However, the method has required substantial alterations in production facilities to ensure proper handling of the ultra-thin glass.

To overcome this need and thereby accelerate commercialization, AGC has now developed the technology to laminate ultra-thin glass onto approx. 0.5 mm carrier glass. The laminated glass substrate can be handled much the same as ordinary glass sheet (sheet-to-sheet method), enabling circuit formation and other processing of ultra-thin glass without having to alter existing production facilities.

Production processes using ultra-thin laminated glass substrate


Ultra-thin glass and carrier glass are laminated via a special bonding layer that makes the laminated substrate high resistant to heating and chemical processing during production. Furthermore, the carrier glass prevents the ultra-thin glass from coming into direct contact with processing equipment to prevent defects such as scratches, and can be easily delaminated after processing.



About the AGC Group

The AGC Group, with Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. at its core, is a world-leading supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. Drawing on more than a century of technical innovation, the AGC Group has developed world-class expertise in fields including glass, fluorine chemistry and ceramics technologies.

The group employs some 50,000 people worldwide and generates annual sales of more than 15 billion USD through business in about 30 countries.

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