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DuPont receives US$920,000 state grant towards establishing an OLED pilot line in Newark, Delaware

DuPont will invest US30 million into the facility and which is expected to accelerate the development of their OLED technology, and support customers

23 Jan 2012 | editor

The Council on Development Finance on Monday approved DuPont's application for a $920,000 grant from the Delaware Strategic Fund to help the company develop a small prototype manufacturing facility in Newark for organic light-emitting diodes.

The state is investing almost $1 million in DuPont Co.'s efforts to improve the manufacturing of components for lighter, more energy- efficient flat-screen televisions and displays.

DuPont is investing $30 million of its own funds to install equipment at its Stine-Haskell Research Center off Elkton Road in Newark, the state reported.

Under the agreement, DuPont is required to maintain the jobs for five years, or the money can be "clawed back."

Alan Levin, state economic development director, said, “The project is expected to add 35 full-time jobs, including nine professional workers and 26 engineers and skilled labourers.” Alan added, “Although there's no promise that DuPont would build a larger OLED component factory in Delaware later on, making this investment now will put the state in good position to compete for that factory should it come to pass.”

John Richard, global business director of DuPont Displays, said, “The technology allows for displays that deliver vivid color, higher contrast, faster response and a wider viewing angle than traditional liquid crystal displays.” John, added, “But cost remains a major barrier for creating larger displays, and the DuPont OLED process technology is expected to enable large- format displays to be produced at a price point that is within reach for the mass consumer market.”

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