Labme makes creative use of 1,400 OLED panels

OLED panels presented at leading furniture and design trade sho

31 October 2011

At the recently held Qubique exhibiton/show in Berlin Labme presented the intriguing 1400 OLED panel sphere.

construction of OLED sphere, photo courtesy Labme

finished OLED sphere, photo courtesy Labme

According to the Labme website the company has been established, with the help of Osram, to be an "open source" design platform for Osram OLED and LED products. The current acting creative director is Simon BrĂ¼nner, the head and founder of neuesLicht. It would appear that the main focus of Labme is on creative exchange between designers. Every contribution will be published in the company's blog to show the widespread and the diverse possibilities of OLED technology for lighting.


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