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LG Display makes management changes and products cuts

To affect a turnaround of recently financial losses LG Display has announced product cuts and changes in management to bolster its efforts to return to profit

7 May 2012 | editor

This means that the company will close it mobile organic light-emitting diode (OLED) division, established in June 2008, and at the same time move LCDs for mobiles and OLEDs into two existing business units.

The company's LCD business has been given to the IT Division which is also in charge of panels for monitors on laptop and tablets. While the rest of the OLED business has been given to newly promoted CTO Yeo Sang-duk, who formerly headed the mobile OLED.

LG said many of the moves it is making is to "boost tension across the firm", which it hopes will add "competitiveness" amongst its key workers.

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