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Novaled develops novel outcoupling method that realises 36 lm/W high efficiency fluorescent white PIN OLED devices

Novel outcoupling increases light emission by more than 80-percent, maintains good colour rendering, and reduces angular dependence of the light emitted

9 May 2011 | editor

Novaled has announced it has developed the world's most power-efficient fluorescent white OLED structures - achieving 36 lumen per Watt (36 lm/W). By combining the company's proprietary organic materials and a novel flat light-outcoupling method of extraction, Novaled increased OLED device light emission by more than 80-percent, while retaining good colour rendering, and reducing angular dependence of the light emitted.

According to Novaled their new power-efficient fluorescent white PIN OLEDsĀ® results in lower manufacturing costs and meets standards for commercial lighting applications, and making it ideally suited for OLED lamp and luminaire manufacturers targeting general and design lighting

Novaled's novel methods boost outcoupling effectiveness, substantially increasing the 25-35 percent fraction of generated light that typically leaves the OLED device for lighting applications, and are suitable for both bottom- and top-emission architectures.


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