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Novaled to unveil new OLED Luminaire Designs at forthcoming exhibition

Victory, the first commercial product of the Liternity® carbon fibre series, will be introduced in a wide range of colours

9 Apr 2012 | editor

Novaled has announced they will be presenting a new range of state-of-the-art luxury OLED luminaire designs at the 2012 Light + Building fair in Frankfurt. The designs, hand-crafted from innovative high-tech light sources and cutting-edge materials, will be presented under the brand name Liternity®.

The new range of Liternity® luminaires includes a suspension light (“Linfinity“), a wall light (“Lucentury”) and a floor light (“Trinity”). These luxurious and innovative lighting designs combine transparent and ultra-thin OLED technologies with high-end, lightweight, stable and indestructible carbon fiber.

Victory, the first commercial product of the Liternity® carbon fibre series, will be introduced in a wide range of colours

The desk lamp Victory, the first commercial product of the Liternity® carbon fibre series, will be introduced in a wide range of colours. Three of the colours feature a unique carbon pattern, and custom-made versions can also be requested. In addition, the exclusive and limited edition desk lamp “Year of the Dragon” in the colour “Black Diamond” will be introduced as part of the Victory range. Its distinctive features are real diamond grains in the lacquer, which reflect the OLED light in an intriguing way. The desk lamp’s main body features the shape of a dragon made with Swarovski Elements.

OLED light creates a visual treat, projecting creative light effects onto the open structure of the carbon fiber base of the Liternity® Lights. The multi-layered clear varnish invites a closer look at the handcrafted cutting-edge technology.

Gerd Guenther, Chief Marketing Officer of Novaled, said, “OLEDs are the light of the future, due to their extraordinary characteristics. Liternity captures timelessness in lights and adds a new world of visual experience to living spaces. Building on the Victory series, we are now presenting additional luxury design lamps. With these designs, we offer the opportunity to experience innovative lighting, using state-of-the-art OLED technology and precious materials that are rarely seen in light design.”

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About Liternity

Liternity®, a registered trademark of Novaled AG, is the brand name for a new series of limited-edition luxury design luminaires. These innovative and unique lighting-unit artworks are based on Novaled’s cutting-edge OLED technology and are designed using only high-end materials. The first Liternity® product series, Victory, uses carbon fiber as the fabric for breathtaking designs. Developed for aerospace applications, carbon fiber is stronger than metal, extremely lightweight, and nearly indestructible – properties which complement the unique attributes of OLEDs. Additional products in the carbon fiber series are planned, as are further series based on other materials.


About Novaled

Novaled AG is a leader in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and materials that enhance the performance of OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) and other organic electronics. Novaled offers OLED product manufacturers a unique combination of proprietary technology, materials and expertise, and is currently the only company licensing and selling organic conductivity doping technology and materials for use in the commercial mass production of display products in the OLED industry. Novaled has developed strategic partnerships with key OLED innovators and producers throughout the world and, with a broad portfolio of more than 500 patents granted or pending, has a strong IP position in OLED technologies, structures and materials. Commercially active since 2003, Novaled was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of the Technical University and the Fraunhofer Institute of Dresden. Novaled is headquartered in Dresden with sales offices in Korea and Japan.

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