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Pricing large area AM-OLED TV will be initial barrier to widescale adoption

AM-OLED to account for 1% of global TV shipments by 2014

16 Apr 2012 | editor

According to DisplaySearch, prices of 55-inch AM-OLED TVs which are expected to be launched by both Samsung and LG Display during the latter half of the 2012 with prices about US$7,000-8,000. This is almost a factor of 4 greater than the price of a similar spec LCD TV. DisplaySearch believes that market adoption could be further hampered by the slow price falls for AM-OLED TV. Their recent forecast suggests that it could take 3 to 4 years for the price of an AM-OLED TV to fall to only twice the price of a similar spec LCD TV.

Other industry analysts believe prices could fall faster due to experience gained from manufacturing smaller size panels.

Overall shipments of AM-OLED TVs are being forecast by DisplaySearch to reach 108,000 units in 2012 and then grow to more than three million units in 2014. , To place this in perspective AM-OLED will still only account for about 1% of global TV shipments.

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