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Samsung to launch 55-inch AM-OLED TV during second half of 2012

Samsung believes it will take at least two to three years for AM-OLED TVs to become mainstream in the global TV industry

7 May 2012 | editor

At press conference held in Korea Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest electronic product a 55-inch ‘premium’ AM-OLED TV. The AM-OLED TV will be available during the second half of 2012 and be prices at about 10.8 million Kwon (about $9,500).

Samsung launches 55-inch AM-OLED TV

The new 55-inch OLED TV provides crystal-clear picture quality in vibrant full colour, and wide viewing angle. The AM-OLED TV will introduce the “smart dual view” function which enables the viewers to watch two channels simultaneously by wearing 3-D glasses.

Samsung decided to hold the event to show that the product be manufactured based on RGB based AM-OLED pixel architecture despite rumours that Samsung is likely to choose white based AM-OLED and a colour filter. According to industry sources rival LG also uses white based AM-OLED and a colour filter.

Samsung rival LG is also expected to launch its own 55-inch Am-OLED TV this – despite this industry analysts at market research firm NPD DisplaySearch believes on a small number of AM-OLED TV will be sold this year – about 55,000, and are forecast to reach about 5 million shipments by 2015.

Kim Hyun-suk, executive vice president of the visual display business at Samsung, said, “We will launch the OLED TV here within this year.” Kim Hyun-suk added, “The new OLED TV sets will be more than doubled the price of the most premium LED TVs, which are about 5.4 million won.”

Kim Hyun-suk, executive vice president of the visual display business at Samsung, said, “There are strange rumours that we may adopt a new technology for our OLED TVs, but we’re going with the RGB-OLED technology this year.” Kim Hyun-suk added, “But Samsung is a firm that puts emphasis on a variety of technologies, meaning it is not the time to decide which technology we will adopt in the future.”

Lee Kyung-shik, vice president of the firm’s visual display business, said, “It gives you the new experience of watching the channel you want through a single full high definition screen when viewing it together with another family member.”


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