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Taiwan form AM-OLED alliance to strengthen its competitiveness against Samsung

Industry executives estimate the expenditure at around NT$10 billion - US$333 million

5 Mar 2012 | editor

According to recent reports The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan will play a key role in forming and coordinating an AM-OLED alliance composed of leading Taiwanese display manufacturers and research institutes. Industry executives estimate the expenditure at around NT$10 billion (US$333 million at US$1: NT$30). The primary goal will be to accelerate the research and development of AM-OLED technology and strengthen Taiwanese competitiveness to improve the ability to compete against Samsung who recently announced their intention to start mass-producing flexible AM-OLED as a replacement for LCD later this year.

The AM-OLED alliance will is expected to initially include Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), Chimei Innloux Corp., MediaTek Inc., Acer Inc., Asustek Computer Inc., and HTC Corp.

The article noted that AM-OLED is fast becoming “a must have” display technology for next generation smart-phones. AM-OLED is likely to migrate to tablet PCs and TVs. Taiwan’s AM-OLED display manufacturers are currently using Gen3.5 production lines to make AM-OLED panels, whereas Samsung is already in volume production on Gen 5.5 production lines and will make the transition to Gen8.5 production lines in the foreseeable future.

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