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Thin Film Electronics receives contract for parts identification using printed memory

Printed memory originally adopted for toys and game, but now beginning to be adopted in industrial applications

9 Apr 2012 | editor

Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) has announced receipt of a contract to develop prototypes using Thinfilm Memory(TM) for identifying parts contained in custom manufactured hardware. Prototypes will be delivered in Q2 2012.

Thinfilm's client, an international manufacturer of security products, produces systems that can be customised to nearly one million configurations. Prototypes will utilise the Thinfilm Memory to record parts configurations in a sample system.

Thinfilm printed memory is a non-volatile, rewriteable ferroelectric memory marketed originally for toys and game, but now beginning to find interested in industrial applications.

Davor Sutija, Thinfilm CEO, said, “The unique form factor of Thinfilm Memory - flexible and thinner than a human hair - along with its resistance to magnetic fields and the low cost have sparked customer interest in this new application.”

Jennifer Ernst, Thinfilm's Vice President, North America, “Thinfilm Passive Array Memory will further increase the amount of parts information that we can store in a very thin profile.”


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