Unidym and Guardian Industries form partnership to develop and commercialise carbon coated glass products

Unidym will supply electronic inks to Guardian for the manufacture of coated glass

27 May 2010

Unidym, a majority owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research, has announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Guardian Industries to develop and commercialise carbon coated glass products for touch screen devices and other applications.

Under the agreement, Guardian will fund a joint development effort to optimize and scale carbon coated glass products. The companies initially plan to jointly market the coated glass products to customers in the touch panel industry. In the manufacturing phase, Unidym plans to supply electronic inks to Guardian for the manufacture of coated glass.

Mark Tilley, President and CEO of Unidym, said, “To date, our manufacturing and marketing efforts in the touch panel industry have focused on carbon films on plastic to replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) on plastic in touch panels.” Mark added, “We expect this partnership with Guardian will allow us to use our technology to replace ITO on glass products in the touch panel industry. We also hope to work with Guardian to introduce carbon coated glass products in other industries, including the photovoltaic, automotive, and building materials industries.”

Jim St. Jean, electronics segment marketing director for Guardian, said “Guardian’s partnership with Unidym presents an exciting opportunity to pioneer the commercialization of CNT coatings on glass, combining strengths of both companies.” He added, “Our collaboration is expected to set a new standard for low ohm Transmissive Conductive Coatings (TCC) on glass that form the backbone of touch panel and other electronic products. This new class of TCC glass products will serve to complement other glass and coated glass products in the pipeline for the electronics and solar markets.”

About Guardian Industries Corp
Guardian is a diversified global manufacturing company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with leading positions in float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and other building materials for commercial, residential and automotive markets. Through its Science & Technology Center, Guardian is at the forefront of innovation including development of high performance glass coatings and other advanced products for solar energy and electronic glass applications. Guardian, its subsidiaries and affiliates employ 18,000 people and operate facilities throughout North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East

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