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Universal Display renews licences with Samsung and LG Display

These time limited technology and materials licences may be largely due to the ongoing patent opposition in Japan, Korea and Europe

18 Jul 2011 | editor

Universal Display Corp (UDC) has recent filed that it has negotiated three-month licences with Samsung and LG Display for the use of the company's OLED technology and materials. No explanation for why these licences are limited to 3 months. Over the past few years both companies have taken short-term licences. This is an unusual practice, as the norm is to negotiate long-term licences with upfronts and ongoing royalty streams. It is assumed these limited licences are possibly due to the ongoing opposition to UDC's patents in Japan, Korea and Europe. It may also be possibly due in part to the continual pursuit of Samsung to become vertically integrated by producing its own OLED materials and therefore no need to license from technology providers such as UDC.

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