Sunday, 25 Sep 2016

WAC Lighting announces commercial debut of OLED chandelier

Another OLED products enter the market place, although expensive compared to LED it does demostrate OLED has commercial appeal

17 Oct 2011 | editor

US based WAC Lighting has announce the company's OLED chandelier Solâ„¢ will make its commercial debut in 20 lighting galleries across North America in October.

The OLED chandelier uses seven upgraded ORBEOS OLED panels from Osram to deliver 420 lumens of warm white light with a colour rendering index of 80 (CRI) and a warm colour temperature equal to 3900K. The OLED chandelier offers an additional 10-40% efficiency compared to reflector-based LED fixtures.

It has been reported that the OLED chandelier costs US$ 9,995


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