LG Display shares fall more than 6% on reports of prosecutors’ raid
30 April 2012

According to the report South Korean prosecutors checked LG Display’s Seoul headquarters on April 26 to probe whether the company illegally obtained organic light-emitting-diode technologies from Samsung Mobile Display. Claire Ohm, an LG Display spokeswoman, declined to comment, and a spokesman at the prosecutors’ office wasn’t immediately available to comment.

Other reports suggest that police are questioning current and former employees of both companies over allegations that Samsung Mobile workers leaked OLED technologies to LG Display.

Both LG Display and Samsung are fiercely competing for leadership in OLED panels for televisions.

LG Electronics, the parent of LG Display, and Samsung Electronics both plan to start selling OLED TVs this year, these ultra-thin produce sharper images than liquid-crystal-display sets.

Universal Display and Fraunhofer IPMS – COMEDD – announce OLED material agreement for white OLED lighting
23 April 2012

Fraunhofer IPMS – COMEDD (Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden), a unit of Europe’s largest application-oriented research and development organization, and Universal Display Corp. have announced an agreement for Universal Display to provide its proprietary phosphorescent OLED materials as a key ingredient for driving energy efficiency in COMEDD’s white OLED lighting panels.

In this new two-year agreement, COMEDD will develop and fabricate energy-efficient, white OLED panels for market development.

Prof. Karl Leo, director of the Fraunhofer IPMS – COMEDD, said, “The contract with Universal Display allows us to realize OLED lighting devices using the leading phosphorescent emitter technology. This is a key step toward increasing the efficiency of white OLED to levels where broad market acceptance can be reached.”

Steven V. Abramson, President and CEO of Universal Display, said, “We are delighted to work with Fraunhofer IPMS - COMEDD, a leading European research institution in white OLED panel development. The work that Fraunhofer is performing at their Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices may help accelerate the commercialization of energy-efficient white OLED lighting products.” Steven added, “We look forward to supporting COMEDD with our ‘all-phosphorescent’ solution for its development and demonstration of OLED lighting panels with enhanced energy efficiency. Through programs like this, we believe that we can contribute to forging a more energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable future for Europe, the U.S., and the world at large.”

www.universaldisplay.com ipms.fraunhofer.de

AUO and Idemitsu to form strategic alliance for OLED development
30 January 2012

AU Optronics (AUO) has announced that the Company and Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Idemitsu) have agreed to form a strategic alliance in the field of OLED. The strategic alliance includes technological collaboration to develop high-performance OLED displays and OLED-related patents.

Under this strategic alliance, Idemitsu will supply high-performance OLED materials to AUO, including device structure proposal. AUO will reinforce the development of OLED products using high-performance OLED materials supplied by Idemitsu. This alliance is expected to accelerate business growth in AUO's small-sized OLED displays for smartphones and tablets, and in the longer term large-sized OLED displays for TV.

www.auo.com www.idemitsu.com

DuPont reports US$20 million revenues from OLED technology licensing
23 January 2012

DuPont recently reported their Q4 2011 financials stating that income from OLED technology licensing for the period was US$20 million.In October 2011 DuPont announced a major Asian AM-OLED manufacturer of display products has licensed OLED technology, but did not disclose who. It is assumed the licence payment is associated with this announcement. Much speculation is this is possibly LG Display, but remains unconfirmed at present. DuPont is reported to be able to print large area substrates at speed and so makes the technology viable from a speed point of view.


Lumiotec and Universal Display announce technology licensing agreement for OLED technology
09 January 2012

Lumiotec Inc. and Universal Display Corp. have announced that the companies have entered into an OLED technology license agreement. Under the new agreement, Lumiotec will be licensed to integrate Universal Display’s proprietary phosphorescent and other OLED technologies and materials into OLED lighting products.

Under the license agreement, Universal Display grants Lumiotec license rights under various patents and associated know-how owned or controlled by Universal Display for Lumiotec to manufacture and sell certain OLED products for lighting applications. Lumiotec will pay Universal Display license fees and running royalties on its sales of these licensed products under the agreement. The term of the agreement runs through December 31, 2015. Universal Display separately agreed to sell to Lumiotec certain OLED materials for use by Lumiotec in manufacturing OLED products as authorised under the agreement.

Global OLED Technology and OLEDWorks sign patent licence agreement
05 December 2011

OLEDWorks has announced that Global OLED Technology (GOT) and OLEDWorks have signed a patent license agreement. Under the terms of the royalty-bearing license, OLEDWorks is granted the right to use certain GOT patents in connection for the production of OLED lighting-related products.

Michael Boroson, CTO OLEDWorks, said, “We are very pleased to have access to this important patent portfolio. We believe that the technology developed at Kodak and now owned by GOT offers a superior approach for OLED lighting.”

Global OLED Technology continues to fully invest in, develop and license intellectual property that originated with Eastman Kodak Company.

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